keeping the faith


So much of faith is just straightforward motherfuckin yearning.


The expectant, slightly pained optimism when we don’t feel certain that we are in good company, of something much greater and wiser than ourselves. It’s the insulation we long for when we feel the absence of something, rather than the presence of it.


This yearning tries to tell us that we are not alone.


And what a gift that is.


To walk through a tough landscape with hearth and home right inside of you.


That you have all that you need, right here, right now.


I’m totally convinced that this yearning, this reaching, the outstretched arms of an open heart is enough.

To actually find what your faith is looking for is great but quite possibly, not the point. The energy created by that fire however, is enough to get you through and make meaning from an often cold, hard world.


Whatever deity, personal intuition, higher power or potential of humanity that you believe provides a glow in a darkened wood, is something to be celebrated.


This is infinitely preferable to negotiating life without it.


We all need and seek that thing.


Whatever it may be that affords us a connection. A communion with our world that bolsters us, that we are indeed here, and that we are doing okay.


The word faith is so devastatingly misconstrued. Relegated only to the icy connotations of society’s opinions concerning organised and often corrupt religious institutions.


This is a tragedy.


When all faith is, at the subatomic level, is the attempt to keep warm.


Our world may not be in a good way. But there are so many of us who see that it could be.


So keep the faith, darling.


Stay warm.