my favourite things


I love an angry storm and the lullaby of thunderous rain,

I love worshipping my heart beat and the glory of a throbbing vein.

I love it when he keeps the bench clear,

and I love ecstatic pain.


I love all that lives in the realm of words and the husk of pencil to paper,

I love when others cancel plans and the escape of ‘I’ll do it later.’

I love the sight of a fully stocked fridge,

and I love the value of an anchor.


I love watching spring onions grow and the friendship in a pot of tea,

I love Downton Abbey and cooking with organic ghee.

I love the smell of fire, the burn of a bath too hot,

and I love becoming kinder to me.


I love donating money, for the welfare of animals and children,

I love rejecting the bra and dreaming of Love’s revolution.

I love the guts of being politically incorrect,

and I love the power of nutrition.


I love oranges and wasabi and a smokey Old Fashioned,

I love having no self control with books and learning about compassion.

I love our plan of having no neighbours,

and I love old haunted mansions.


I love living in sweats, investing in eco-friendly clothing,

I love swallows and hedgehogs and the silence of Sunday morning.

I love the therapy of talking to myself,

and I love my front door closing.


I love the liquid lust that comes from maple sap,

I love deep rich wallpaper and rickety old brass taps.

I love the Dutch Golden Age,

and I love saying ‘that’s fucking crap.’


I love it when the sun disappears, curtains closing on the day,

I love it when the leaves change colour and I watch them fall away.

I love that my cat talks in his sleep,

and I love that for a time on this earth, I get to stay.